Healing After Abortion

5 Oct

With the purpose of aiding those who are dealing with the pain of an abortion, Surrendering the Secret helps women find the forgiveness and freedom for which they long. Abortion has many lingering effects that are often buried and sometimes even unknown. These can be manifested in unexpected ways with long lasting influence. The program is comprised of daily homework and a weekly class involving a video with discussion of the sectional topics.

This study helps women come to terms with the choice that was made and take the steps needed to overcome the difficult feelings with which they wrestle. Many women, some dealing with very recent abortions to those decades past their own, have found the freedom to live life abundantly in ways they never thought possible after all they had experienced and gone through.

 Designed to help you know God’s complete forgiveness, total healing and wonderful love for all, this study embodies our desire to see women dealing with abortion find the complete healing needed to live a victorious life. Please call if you would like more information about walking through Surrendering the Secret .

-Martha Cooper, Post-Abortion Counselor


Our Purpose is to Serve You

17 May

Greetings from the PHC! We are thrilled that you have discovered our new blog! We enourage you to visit our website www.phcwc.com , and stay tuned for our newly-updated look by the end of the month!

The PHCWC is a non-profit ministry. The PHC was established to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing spiritual and physical needs of women and their unborn children. Because all human life is sacred, we exist to bring compassionate help and hope to women who are unprepared for pregnancy; to present abstinence as a positive lifestyle for singles; and to privde opportunity for healing and restoration through Jesus Christ to those who have been  hurt by abortion.